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Manufacturing high quality products and parts is hard. Taiwan Kodai jumps through hoops for you, so you don't have to. Send us your working drawings and get a free quote now.


Why Made in Taiwan?

Unaffected by COVID-19

Taiwan is one of the few countries that has success in COVID-19 control. That means: your products will be manufactured at full speed.

High quality

Taiwan is known for its high quality manufactured goods from livelihood products to high tech IC chips.

Fast and complete supply chains

Taiwan is a small island full of all kinds of SMBs, so your products could go through primary processing, secondary processing, advanced processing, and packing lightning fast.

With care & trust


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About us

Always at your service

Taiwan Kodai was established in 1989 with a capital of $160,000 USD. We started supplying to Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. in Japan second year in business, and currently have more than a dozen Japanese customers. We export a lot of OEM parts to developed countries all over the world, and we have earned the trust of our customers. Our mission is to provide goods with high quality, reasonable price, and short delivery time, and we always have contributing to society and protecting the environment in mind. Although we are a general trading company that specializes in handling various types of OEM parts, we also own a CNC factory to further fulfill customers needs. We hope to provide the best service to major manufacturers around the world.

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